Sustainable Medicine: Grow Your Own!

Planting Rosemary, a useful herb for helping digestion, improving circulation and stimulating the mind.

Three good reasons why you should have a medicinal herb garden: you can treat simple conditions such as coughs and colds easily and at no cost; you will always have access to medicines even if the world around you gets into trouble; and it can be relaxing, pleasant and help you connect more to the wonders of the natural world.

So for these and other reasons I have been setting up my herb garden at my new home, and have just had a productive and relaxing afternoon of it. It has been a beautiful day and felt good to feel the earth in my hands and under my feet, and see these plants starting to grow.

My herb garden is nearly all planted up now, only a few herbs left to put in. Before long I will be a lot more self-sufficient in terms of my medicines. Of course I may need extra help from modern medicine too at some point as do we all from time to time, and this is fine: it is not a case of one or the other, both have their place. If I can treat something myself more simply, more naturally, and ultimately at a lower cost it makes sense to do that. If alternatively, I was to need help for something more than can be dealt with effectively with herbs then I would be grateful of the help from modern medicine.

If you would like to learn about some of these herbs and the ways in which they can help you be more self-sufficient, and also learn about other tools and techniques you can use to manage your own wellness, please join my mailing list. I will also let you know about other ways in which I can assist you in becoming more self-reliant in terms of your health and wellness when I have got these up and running at some point in the next few months.

I wish you good health!

Mark Jack

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  • Clive

    Hi its clive Lee again, facebook froze on me! not sure what I put !anyway here goes again I am friends with a friend of Nicolette keiser from Transylvanian forest garden. I am doing a FdSc degree in countryside & conservation management, and have done Aromatherapy before so I share your wonder for plants and will possibly become a botanist at least thats the direction i want to go in,I have also completed the first year in sustainable constuction management, and may also diversify in site ecologist or planning some where along the line, I would like it if we could keep in touch I found ur paper on the transylvania site most interesting, if you have any questions or help please feel free to contact me at any time.cheers! you are doing good stuff.

    • Hi Clive, thanks for your message. That sounds like an interesting path to be going down, there is something quite amazing about knowing about (and supporting) the other forms of life around a place. I only just touched on a small percentage of the plants that were growing in that area, but even that small percentage are quite something! Have you visited Forest Garden Transylvania?

      I am more than happy to keep in touch and share knowledge and ideas, I think our subjects complement each other well and there could be some useful collaboration at some point, thanks!

      Best wishes for your studies,